Галерея “Brown Stripe” открылась в 2006 г. на севере Москвы.

Контакты для прессы и посетителей: brown.stripe.gallery@gmail.com, +7 9169024993.

Пресса о нас:

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  1. Hi , I’m Giuseppe Boccassini the director of Osceno (Obscene).
    I’d like to know if you should be interested in my films.
    I have two versions of the film “Obscene” In case you should be interested I will send you a DVD-MiniDv (dropbox file too) with the version that you could prefer.

    Thanks a lot

    Here you can find the preview versions :

    Preview of the first version (silent one):
    password: gruppof4rf4

    Preview of the second version with the sound interpretation of Fabio Orsi:
    password: gruppof4rf4

    Artist’s statement : Giuseppe Boccassini (born 20 November 1979 in Terlizzi, Italy) is an Italian director graduated in film theory ( D.A.M.S.) at the University of Bologna, Italy, with a thesis about the Italian director, Elio Petri. Also he graduated in movie direction at N.U.C.T (The New University of Cinema and Television) located in Cinecittà, Rome, Italy and Ciudad de la Luz, Alicante, Spain. After he works as director, director of photography and editor for films and television in Madrid . He is co-founder of the Gruppo Farfa, an educational film project that develops in Puglia, Italy. With his experimental film “Eidola” participates in several international film festivals and wins as the best second experimental video on the Backup Film Festival, Weimar, Germany. He currently based in Berlin where he works as freelance film director and editor. His latest project is a sort of “Bacon collage” about the the visual anatomy of the body in some obscene movies.


    E I D O L A

    B#O 000001

    B#O 000002

    Best regards
    Giuseppe Boccassini
    Obentrautstrasse 45, 10963, Berlin, Germany

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